bronwen hyde

Fine art photographer currently based in London.

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print sale!

I don’t usually do this, but I’ve decided to offer the remaining unframed prints from my simulacrum exhibition for sale at the discounted price of ₤90 each + ₤10 p/h; or AU$130 each + AU$15 p/h if you’re in Australia and would prefer to pay direct to my Australian bank account.

I was previously offering these prints at AU$180 each, so that’s a pretty sweet discount!

The prints available are all 60cm x 40cm on 20”x30” paper if portrait or landscape format; or 60cm x 60cm on 30”x30” paper for square format images; excepting overlooked and charlotte sometimes, which are 65cm x 65cm on 30”x30” paper (first two images top left below).

All prints are #1 or #2 of editions of 5 at this size (some images are available at a smaller size in an edition of 10 - contact me directly for size & price info, if interested).

You can view the full images by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Contact me directly at if you would like to make a purchase!

If you’d prefer to purchase a print that’s not a self-portrait, or if you are interested in buying a print of any other image of mine not included above, please feel free to contact me directly with information about which print you’d like, and I can see what I can do!